Collaborative planning and genuine engagement with Business Lab

I now work through Business Lab, a specialist team that's committed to connecting people for a stronger society.

We help communities, industry groups and government agencies to engage and work with the people they exist to serve. Head over to our website to learn more.


Lifehack - a systems level intervention for youth wellbeing

cutting my teeth in a hub for youth wellbeing initiatives

Lifehack was a systems-level intervention in youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand. Over 2013-2017 we grew the capacity of the system to support the wellbeing of young people, with an emphasis on co-design, prevention and capability building.

With Lifehack I dived into the worlds of facilitation, wellbeing, codesign and social enterprise - and it's those worlds that I bring into my work today.

Paul is someone who understands collaboration and brings the whole of his diverse experience to bear on the challenge - and can tackle challenges of many different shapes.

Totally respect Paul’s ability to step into things at short notice, give his all and not bat an eyelid about it. His support made Oro Upper Hutt possible. Same goes for the Palmy Co-design Summit. Even when going into unknown territory he’s clear with what he needs and work through it to deliver something awesome.

Infinitely impressed with the teamwork and outcomes with the Flourishing Fellowship. Brave, well thought out decisions and calm in response when things don’t go as planned.

Clear, cool, calm facilitator. Committed, dedicated, smart, thorough and highly productive! Lovely to work with, would trade again!
— Penny Hagen, Co-Lead, Lifehack (www.smallfire.co.nz)

Guiding Youthlaw through a codesign process

In 2018 I guided Youthlaw through a codesign process to involve more young people in their governance and operations, and to better tailor their services to young people's needs and experiences.

As a result, Youthlaw is looking to employ a Youth Engagement Advisor to focus on youth engagement, they're planning to change up their social media strategy, plus they have a bundle of useful tools that they can use to involve young people in their work.

Vanushi Walters
‘An insightful guide through complex issues’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Paul.

We engaged Paul as a consultant to work with the YouthLaw team in 2017. We wanted someone with more than just facilitation skills and Paul stood out on recommendation and then in practice as a skilled guide through the co-design process we had embarked on.

Above all, I was impressed with Paul’s ability to absorb the complexities of our work, gain the trust and respect of a broad and diverse group of stakeholders and reframe processes to adapt to the changing flow of discussions.

Paul kept us focused but also has a real skill in identifying when and how to weave flexibility into a process. He stands out as someone who is both professional and personal in his approach to people and organisations. We look forward to working with him again and I would highly recommend him.
— Vanushi Walters, General Manager, Youthlaw

Facilitating the launch of Mindfulness for Change

Mindfulness for Change is a network of people and communities supporting each other to develop projects and relationships that benefit the wellbeing of people and planet. In 2016 I designed and facilitated their launch event alongside a core team of passionate creatives. Today, the network connects people who are interested in mindfulness and keen to do some good in the world.

There are so many examples of being just thrilled with Paul’s work. We gave Paul a lot to do, facilitating a very large group of people that were coming together for the first time, and setting a culture that would in some ways set the tone for an entire community.

I was worried it might be too much, but Paul rose to the challenge and did an amazing job, really carried a lot of the facilitation by himself, which I thought was an outstanding effort.
— Nick Laurence, Co-founder, Mindfulness for Change