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Improvisation and Innovation | What’s Play Got to Do With Work?

Two months ago, I was uploading biographies for Lifehack’s Co-design for Youth Wellbeing Symposium. I didn’t have one for Lee Ryan, so I googled the name and found a world of new phrases. Playback. Applied improvisation. Lego Serious Play. Lee has trained in creative problem solving in Europe and the US, and worked for many years for TNS, a global market research company.

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How on earth did we create such a magical gathering?

Oh no, we’ve made a terrible mistake. That was the enduring thought I was left with at the end of the first night of the Mindfulness for Change Hui last weekend.  I had to remind myself to trust the process we had created...

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How to use surveys to build more meaningful events

Consider a time when you’ve wanted somebody  to do something. Perhaps you wanted them to change how they work together, or you wanted them to take action on a meaningful project. Any time you bring people together, your work starts long before anybody actually meets. And that's where pre-event surveys can play a large role in your success.

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