Helping purposeful groups increase their impact

Helping purposeful groups make good stuff happen, together

Hi, I'm Paul McGregor - I'm all about helping purposeful groups make good stuff happen, together.

This blog is for you if you want to make an impact in your community, industry or organisation but you feel like you're treading water.

We have two options when we want to shift the needle on a complex social challenge.

Here's how it often goes down.

Individual organisations set themselves us to compete for the same resources. We sit around talking - oh, how we talk! We analyse the data (sometimes for years) to figure out the perfect plan. Only then do we act, by which time the situation has changed or people have got frustrated and moved on.

There is another way.

You involve affected people, right from the start. Want to help young people? Go to them. Want to serve the homeless? Have a cup of tea. Want to improve community safety? Okay, you get the idea.

You share and test ideas as soon as possible, with a culture of openness, experimentation and rigour. Codesign. Genuine engagement. Collaborative planning. Social labs. Community led development. Lots of labels for similar processes. 

On this blog I aim to simplify these confusing worlds so we can get out there and make good stuff happen, together.

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